Navigo Consulting Website & Logo

The Navigo website is a responsive website, all of the websites developed by BLAM are. It would be criminal to develop websites that were not responsive in this day and age.

A responsive website is one that adapts it’s layout to be easily readable and usable on any screen size – important given smartphone and tablet usage. In 2015 Google confirmed more searches occurred using ┬ámobile devices than desktop computers.

Google also began using “mobile friendliness” as a ranking factor in mobile search results, meaning if your site is not mobile friendly you are less likely to appear at the top of the search results on phones and tablets.

Navigo Consulting Logo

The logo for Navigo Consulting was designed by BLAM┬áso that it looks equally good whether the full name or the less formal, shortened version “Navigo” was required (which you can see in use on the website).

Navigo website

Go check out the Navigo website and have a poke around. We’ll be here when you get back.