Online Theatre Promotion And Design

BLAM can design your print material for your theatre production and develop on online marketing strategy that has a clear identity and a sustained presence in the lead up to, and duration of, your show.

Critical elements we can help with are:

  • developing a visual identity for the promotion of the show
  • developing a concept for video material or other unique promotional material that will stand out from the crowd
  • how to best leverage online marketing avenues for your production

We primarily use Facebook for smaller theatrical productions, but it’s vital to be able to identify and target the relevant audience on Facebook and choose which of the many marketing options are best suited for your purposes.

Main Elements Of Our Theatre Design & Promotion Packages

  • Poster & Flyer Design
  • Programme Design
  • “Online Poster” development – a webpage used to promote the show
  • Video Concept and Development for online promotion
  • Rehearsal Photos
  • Facebook Advertising Campaign Management

Some Examples

The Ballad Of Charlie & Cate

Charlie & Cate Print Work

For this Granary Theatre production, BLAM developed an initial logo which was used for early promotion of the show and which informed the visual identity of the rest of the promotional material, including the poster, online poster, and video material.

BLAM collaborated with Enrique Carnicero who took incredible rehearsal and production shots and who shot the promo video with BLAM’s direction.

Enter Juliet

  • Poster / Flyer / Programme
  • Video Marketing Material

One of the requirements for the promo material for Enter Juliet was that the video material be developed prior to rehearsals. Brainstorming with the writer and director at Brokencrow, BLAM came up with the concept of doing a series of short stings which drew from the material to convey the tone of the piece without the requirement of rehearsed material. We collaborated closely with the director and with Enrique Carnicero to produce 6 video stings to promote the show which were released and promoted one at a time in the run up to the show to build awareness.

Enrique Carnicero also took the photos for the poster which BLAM also developed the concept for. Sound design by Peter Power of Eat My Noise.